[Shocking] Woman reportedly beheads her son for refusing to breastfeed


Woman reportedly beheads her son for refusing to breastfeed.

The 23-year-old woman killed her son, Briton Ochieng’ at Ng’ope village, Konyango Sub-Location, North Kabuoch Location on Saturday night.

The 9 pm incident began when the boy who was feeling discomfort kept on crying. The mother decided to breastfeed the baby to calm him down, but he declined to feed and continued to cry.

The mother then left the baby on the chair and went to fetch a sharp panga.

When she returned to where her bay was, the enraged mother first threw him on the ground. But when the baby continued to cry, she took the panga and slit his throat.

Residents who rushed to the scene tied the woman’s hands and quickly called the attention of the community Assistant Chief Gabriel Nyatame.

Nyatame rescued the mother from the irate residents who wanted to lynch her for committing the heinous act.

“I rushed to the scene and found the child had been beheaded. Residents had tied her (mother) hands with a sisal rope,” Nyatame said.

He said the woman confirmed that she had beheaded her son when he refused to suckle.

“We do not know the main reason why the woman killed her son. However, she is saying she killed him because she tried several times to breastfeed the baby, but he declined,” Nyatame added.

The woman was handed over to cops at Ndhiwa police headquarters.

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