Man falls through the ceiling, landing on a lady while spying on women’s gym locker room

A man identified as “Brian Anthony Joe” has been arrested after he fell through the ceiling of the women’s gym locker room in Stafford.

Brian was spying on the ladies at Onelife Fitness over the weekend when he came crashing down through the ceiling, landing on a lady before he was then cornered by some women until cops arrived, the Stafford County Sheriff’s wrote on Facebook.

“The suspect fell on a woman below,” the sheriff’s office said. “The female was checked for injuries by rescue personnel at the scene, but she was not transported” to the hospital.

Joe fell approximately 10 feet but was not injured. He was then held by women in the locker room till cops got there, authorities said.

He was charged with burglary, vandalism, and three counts of peeping or spying into a building, the department said.

Joe is being held without bail at the Rappahannock County Jail.

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