June 23, 2021

Suspected sex party promoters paraded by the police in Kaduna

Kaduna State Police command on Thursday, December 31, paraded suspected organizers and promoters of a botched sex party.

According to newsmen, one of the major organizers of the sex party admitted to having conceived the idea but said that it was a mere joke between him and his friends.

“Kaduna’ Sex Party started as a joke between me and my friends, it was not meant to go public, it was not meant to cause nuisance among the public of Kaduna State. It was just someone that felt that she was too brilliant that posted it on Twitter,” he said. 

“I never posted the party invite on Twitter. “Yes, I initiated it, yes, it started as a joke, I keep saying it, it was not meant to disturb the peace and security of Kaduna. The whole thing was a joke. A friend made the flier that was posted on Twitter and put my number on it and we all laughed over it, but somebody sent to someone and to another person like that, until it got to Twitter.”

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