South Africa’s Covid-19 cases surpassed 900,000

South Africa’s Covid-19 cases surpassed 900,000.

South Africa’s coronavirus cases reportedly surpassed 900,000 on Friday, just a fortnight after it was reported crossing 800,000, signaling a rapid rise in infections in the country battling a second wave.

According to reports, South Africa hit its first case on the continent in March and saw peak infections in July when daily cases almost touched 14,000 in the country.

In a Statement released by the South Africa’s Health Minister “Zweli Mkhize“, disclosed that, the increase in daily infections, which had eased out in the last few months with reports of another daily new cases between 1,000 and 2,000 till mid-November, reached 8,725 with 274 deaths, the health ministry said in a statement.

We have convened this public briefing today to announce that a variant of the SARS-COV-2 Virus – currently termed 501.V2 Variant – has been identified by our genomics scientists here in South Africa“.

Africa’s most industrialized country is fast approaching its July peak. Friday’s milestone comes just after 15 days, that is Dec. 3, when the country crossed the 800,000 mark in daily infections.

However, President Cyril Ramaphosa stated there will be no hard lockdown this time but has enforced renewed night curfew timings, with early closings for pubs and bars and curtailed hours for liquor sales.

He has also ordered the closing of popular beaches during the festive season.

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