June 25, 2021

Local herbs chosen over COVID-19 vaccine in Tanzania

Updates: Local herbs chosen over COVID-19 vaccine in Tanzania.

The Tanzanian government has said that it has no plans of importing Covid-19 vaccines, but will instead focus on local herbs in its Nation.

The health minister of Tanzania “Gerald Chami” during an interview with The East African newspaper, gives his concern over the safety and effectiveness of imported vaccines which he said were developed rapidly.

Tanzania which has had a different approach to the treatment of Coronavirus when compared with some of its East African neighbours, stopped reporting new cases at the end of April and President John Magufuli claimed that the country was virus-free.

He also added that, the East African country is also one of the first countries to order Madagascar’s self-proclaimed, plant-based Covid-19 remedy in May, despite warnings that its efficacy was unproven.

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