Dog horrifically rips off man’s penis in Jamaica

A man, identified as Neily, was rushed to the hospital after a dog horrifically ripped off his penis while having a chat with a neighbour in the Stony Hill neighbourhood of St Andrew Parish in Jamaica.

It was gathered that, Neily was having a conversation with a woman at her gate before the dog attacked him on Saturday, December 12.

Speaking to newsmen in his dialect, the victim told The Weekend Star: “The dog bite me pan…him push him mouth through the grille, because mi deh close and bite me pan.”

He also added: “The nurse dem look after it and kill the pain and everything. Dem kill out the disease. Mi nah go near dem dog deh again yah man.”

The dogs are reportedly known to attack callers at the home, but have never bitten anyone’s genitals before.

Narrating with the same dialect, a neighbour told the paper: “A some aggressive dogs dem, enuh. Dem will attack people from you go close to the premises. But a di first time we a hear dem bite off piece of penis. Glad di dog never tek off everything still.”

Neily told The Star that he would not be seeking to prosecute the dogs’ owners as they took him to get medical attention and ensured that he was taken care of.

The Stony Hill police said they are aware of the incident.

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