Church founder & herbalist dealing with human parts in Kwara, sentenced to 4-years in prison

A church founder of one St. Moses Orimolade Cherubim and Seraphim Church in Ilorin and herbalist with photo below, were apprehended by the police and remanded in prison of conspiracy, and unlawful possession of human parts in Kwara state.

The report states that, Josaya unlawfully gained entry into a cemetery, where he exhumed human skulls and sold them to various customers at the rate of N8,000 each.

He was arrested and confessed to the crime after he was caught in possession of human skull.

The Police Officer investigating the crime, “Peter Ibiyemi” disclosed in court that, Josaya who began the human parts business in 2009, was arrested, and confessed that he had exhumed over 200 human skulls from the Muslim Cemetery, at the Osere area of Ilorin.

In conclusion based on the report, his operation was mainly carried out at night singlehandedly, he also added that, he pays N10,000 to the cemetery security guard for each operation.

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