June 25, 2021

[Photos] Channels TV reporter and wife reconciles after Benue Governor “Ortom” intervened

Pius Angbo, the Channels Television reporter who was called out by his wife, Ifeanyinwa Angbo for battering her a month after childbirth reconciled with her.

Review that Ifeanyinwa Angbo had asserted that her better half attacked her after she encouraged him to cease from spending carelessly on different ladies and set aside the cash to deal with their children.

The couple have now reconciled following Governor Samuel Ortom’s mediation.

The Benue state Governor who met them, allegedly directed them to consistently settle their disparities genially and disregard the enticement of taking part in savagery.

He also expressed that as a youthful couple with extraordinary possibilities, the spouse being an adaptable reporter and the wife a medical doctor, there was the requirement for them to cultivate a solid association to fill in as models to other people.

Reporting to the reconciliation, Ifeanyinwa acknowledged her husband’s conciliatory sentiment on the grounds that their kids are as yet delicate.

She likewise said that they need supplications to develop further enamored and support their children to development.

She additionally expressed gratitude toward Governor Ortom for removing time from his exceptionally close timetable to make harmony between them.

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