US removes mutual benefit visa fees for Nigerians

The government declared on Saturday that the United States has taken out all visa correspondence charges for Nigerians looking for visas to the nation with impact from December 3.

Revealing this at the end of the week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the improvement was continuation of the expulsion of abundance visa application, preparing and biometric expenses for American residents applying for Nigerian visas.

It would be reviewed that the Donald Trump organization had in 2019 forced the correspondence charge for all affirmed non-outsider visa applications by Nigerians.

The expense was charged notwithstanding visa application expenses for just candidates who are given visas.

The extra correspondence expenses which went from $80 to $303 contingent upon the class of visa, produced results from August 29 a year ago. The US Embassy in Nigeria said the correspondence expenses were in light of fruitless talks with Nigeria to change the expenses it charges American candidates. It contended that the all out expense for a US resident to acquire a visa to Nigeria was higher than the complete expense for a Nigerian to get an equivalent visa to the United States.

The Mission demanded that the correspondence expense was intended to take out the cost distinction as needed by US laws. Reporting the evacuation of the correspondence charge in a proclamation, the MFA representative, Ferdinand Nwonye, stated, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to illuminate that the United States Government has eliminated all visa correspondence expenses for Nigerian residents looking for visas to the United States. “The positive advancement is in accordance with the expulsion of overabundance visa application, handling and biometric charges for United States residents applying for Nigerian visas by the Nigerian Government.

“The United States Government has, accordingly, wiped out correspondence expenses for Nigerian residents with impact from December 3, 2020.” The assertion named, ‘Update on evacuation of visa charges for Nigerian residents by the US Government,’ encouraged imminent voyagers to the US to visit for subtleties.”

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