[Read] Why Imo doctors are on strike


Doctors in Imo State have said the public authority’s untruthfulness regarding their government assistance prompted their uncertain strike.

The Nigerian Medial Association (NMA), on November 24, left on inconclusive strike to squeeze home its requests.

NMA Chairman Dr. Chidiebere Okwara, at a news gathering yesterday, blamed the state for being coldhearted toward the situations of specialists and wellbeing laborers.

He said all state-claimed wellbeing offices would be closed if the public authority didn’t fulfill their needs by December 9. Okwara added that if the strike delayed, private wellbeing offices would likewise join.

The specialists’ requests incorporate ‘quick installment of extraordinary unpaid debts from March 2020 till date to specialists at the state Teaching Hospital, Orlu, and other wellbeing offices.

‘Regularization of compensations in the state Specialist Hospital, Ministry of Health, Local Government Areas and installments to address the deficiencies forthcoming the beginning of the 2014 Consolidated Medical Salaries structure.

‘Circularisation of the arrangement explanation made by the lead representative, all the more explicitly, the circularisation of the beginning of CONMESS 2014, to produce results from January 2021’.

Okwara stated: “NMA will keep on interface with the public authority to screen progress made towards reestablishing the accreditation of three schools of medication, Imo State University, and a few resources in the instructing clinic. This incorporates shutting the infrastructural and labor holes.

“On the off chance that the measures are not sufficiently met, the NMA may start the proposed strike. Deplorably, none of these had been done in spite of the termination of the fourteen days expansion.”

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