Nigerian man stabbed to death over second-hand Gucci bag in London

A 24-year-old Nigerian man, Samuel Odupitan, who stabbed a stranger to death to take his second-hand Gucci bag in Croydon, London was sentenced on Tuesday, December 1, 2020.

Odupitan, of Longheath Gardens, Croydon, slaughtered 24-year-old Tyler Roye on February 26 in Bywood Avenue, Croydon.

He showed up at Croydon Crown Court on Tuesday December 1, where he was seen as blameworthy of homicide following the awful assault, which occurred only minutes from the casualty’s home.

He will be condemned at a similar court on Monday, 7 December.

Tyler, who functioned as a lodging attendant in Stratford was betrayed multiple times and midsection. He was treated at the scene and on landing in emergency clinic, however later passed on in theater.

The court heard that on the night of Tuesday, 25 February, Tyler had completed work at around 23.00hrs and started his excursion home. Boarding a cable car at East Croydon, he entered a similar carriage as Odupitan, who had gone from West Croydon.

CCTV film caught Odupitan watching Tyler eagerly, in any event, drawing seats to get nearer to him.

Criminologists accept he was attracted to the particular Bengal tiger embellished Gucci courier style pack Tyler was conveying. At the point when they arrived at the Arena stop, Tyler advanced of off the cable car; totally uninformed that he was being trailed by Odupitan.

In practically no time, Tyler – who had quite recently called his sweetheart – was drawn nearer by Odupitan. She heard Tyler state “Brother, brother..” before the line went dead. Odupitan cut Tyler multiple times prior to running from the scene.

After the episode Tyler figured out how to get to the close by address of a companion, where he raised the caution. He imploded inside the property. One of the injuries to his middle was 15 centimeters down and had sliced through his lung and aorta.

Tyler had been conveying a sack containing boxes of doughnuts for his family. This pack was found close to where he had been assaulted; torn open with the food tossed over the asphalt. Tyler’s iPhone and ear units were additionally found; yet his Gucci pack was absent.

An examination was dispatched by officials from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command [Homicide].

Because of enquiries encompassing Tyler’s excursion, Odupitan was recognized from CCTV film and on Sunday, 1 March officials went to his location.

Odupitan was captured and an inquiry of the property was completed; yet officials couldn’t find not exclusively Tyler’s pack, yet additionally the coat, pants and mentors that Odupitan had been seen wearing that evening.

He attempted to guarantee that the unmistakable coat had been loaned to him by a companion and since returned; however he was gotten out when his ex-accomplice affirmed that she had gotten it for him as a blessing.

An assessment of Odupitan’s cell phone uncovered various pictures of blades he had seen on the web, further photos of blades shipped off him by companions, just as instant message trades about blades.

Officials likewise found a video of him driving a vehicle while holding a blade. Likewise they discovered pictures of architect packs he had looked for and been imagined with. Furthermore, inside hours of the homicide he was being sent pictures of the wrongdoing scene and doing web look about post mortems.

Notwithstanding Tyler’s homicide, Odupitan was likewise indicted for four thefts which he conceded to at a prior hearing. The episodes occurred in south London in September and October 2019 and saw veil wearing Odupitan burglarize four casualties – including a lady – of their watches. The three male casualties were attacked during the offenses, with a blade utilized in one of them.

Tyler Roye’s mom, Cecilia Smith, said “Odupitan is a shrewd hunter and go getter who went after my child for a sack. He looted my child of his valuable life. He is a risk to society and has no respect for human existence.”

Analyst Inspector Mel Pressley, of the Specialist Crime Command, stated: “Our contemplations today are with the loved ones of Tyler, who lost him in the most appalling and unnecessary conditions. Nothing will actually soothe their agony, however I trust that the present conviction goes some approach to giving them some type of solace.

“Odupitan is a very hazardous and relentless individual – not just on the grounds that he was able to do such ruthless viciousness, but since he was happy to cause it on an outsider for a material thing which got his attention and he chose he just needed to have. Sadly for Tyler, Odupitan had no consideration for what the outcomes may be.”

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