I’ve been suffering in my marriage – Man who seeks marital advice cries out

An unidentified man, took a bold step to share his ordeal in his marital home, and seeks for an advice, as he calms wouldn’t want to cheat on his wife for sex starving him.

The content below was shared on Facebook by a socialist known as “Omo Chioma

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Rita, I am tired! I’ve been suffering in my marriage. My wife does not allow me to have sex with her. Since we got married it’s one excuse after the other. The only time she allows me touch her is when she is ovulating. She will rush in and climb me and as soon as it is over that’s the end until another 4 or 5 months. She’s just using me I think. I don’t think she loves me. I’m desperately lonely.

I don’t know what to do!

In reply;

ME: Has she always been like this?

Man – Nooooo! Sex was every time every where before oh!

ME: it’s always like that. Some women use sex to trap men then dump them. She may hate sex and only used it to trap you.

Man – I’m too young to be suffering like this and I’m not a man who is into this side chic thing. I’m a man of principles and will never want to cheat on my wife.

I’m currently in Lekki where my company sent me for training and seriously tempted to start cheating oh! Please tell your people to advise me before I lose my mind.

I’m confused and frustrated please what do you advise?

ME:Thanks for sharing with me. Will post and get people’s reaction. I kuku never marry before so I don’t know how these things work. I used to think your bodies should belong to each other by agreement but obviously this woman is a user or abuser. You shouldn’t marry if sex is a taboo for you. In my past I would’ve said divorce her but if I talk now people go shout let me kuku ask people. Life is too short for one witch to make me miserable.

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