Nigerian man “Kamilu Boyede” shot dead in US

A 50-year-old Nigerian man recognized as Kamilu Boyede was killed in a savage shooting occurrence which happened on Wednesday morning.

Wichita Police Department in its declaration on Wednesday night, said the episode happened at a home in South Ida. Neighbors called the police around 11 a.m on Wednesday November 25, in the wake of seeing an entryway left open at a home in the 600 square of South Ida.

Chief Wendell Nicholson of the Wichita Police Department said;

Through an examination, police think the occurrence happened at some point after 12 PM and before 3 a.m. They trust Boyede was an objective and this was definitely not an irregular occurrence.

Information on Kamilu’s passing has been drawing in various recognitions and sympathies by means of online media from companions and other stressed people.

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