Three believers drown during a church baptism service in South Africa

Three believers have suffocated during a congregation baptism service in Bethlehem, eastern Free State area of South Africa, police said on Sunday, November 22.

The grown-ups, two male matured 24 and 25, and a female aged 24, suffocated at Liebenbergvlei dam close to Bethlehem on Saturday, 21 November 2020. They were essential for a gathering from Botshabelo and supposedly suffocated during sanctification.

The body of the female was recovered by Lejweleputswa District K9 Search and Rescue group, while the two men are as yet absent as the inquiry was temporarily removed because of terrible climate conditions and substantial momentum water stream.

Instances of examination have been enrolled for additional examination.

The Provincial Commissioner of the Free State, Lieutenant General Baile Motswenyane has encouraged network individuals to practice exceptional consideration and alert in detached dams and waterways particularly after hefty downpours.

“We likewise encourage guardians to sharpen kids to cease from swimming in dams unaided, or crossing streams with hefty streaming waters or solid ebb and flow.” she added.

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