50 people lost their lives to a strange illness in Kogi state

More than 50 people have apparently lost their lives to a weird ailment in Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi State.

The illness has indications of cerebral pain, red eyes, loss of hunger, powerlessness to pee, spasm and others.

The legislator speaking to Olamaboro Constituency in the House of Assembly, Ujah Anthony Alewo, unveiled this in a movement of critical public significance introduced yesterday.

He said it was tragic and upsetting that the inhabitants of Etteh people group in Olamaboro Local Government were tossed into disarray by the flare-up of the plague outsider to them.

Alewo added that the reason for the sickness stayed obscure, and that contaminated people kicked the bucket inside seven days of contracting it.

He stated: “Endeavors to look for arrangement utilizing nearby spices and treatment at nearby wellbeing communities with references to neighboring centers and clinics at Ogugu and Okpo in Olamaboro were not effective.

“Reports arriving at my body electorate office from the network chiefs affirmed that more than 50 individuals inside the beneficial age of 25 to 40 years have passed on from September to date.”

The administrator asked the Assembly to order its Committee on Health and Social Services for an on-the-spot appraisal of loss of lives.

The administrator speaking to Dekina Biraidu, Moses Ododo, supported the idea, focusing on that the lives of individuals in the network should be spared.

Appointee Speaker Ahmed Mohammed noticed that the network imparted limit to Enugu State.

He called for earnest activity to turn away further loss of lives.


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