Man hacks his 64-year-old father to death in Enugu

The police in Enugu state have captured one Johnson Ogbu for supposedly hacking his 64-year-old father, William Ogbu, to death at Aji Community in Igbo Eze North Local Government Area of the state.

Johnson who is one of his children, was slow-witted a couple of years prior however got treated and later turned into a shoemaker. Johnson lived with his folks in their home in Umuidenyi.

Upon the arrival of the episode, Johnson’s mom left their home to join different locals to praise the Umuidenyi family day at the Umuidenyi Town Hall. It was in her nonattendance that the speculate supposedly utilized a hatchet to break his dad’s skull, slaughtering him on the spot in a split second. He purportedly hauled his dad’s body to the close by plantain estate and burrowed the ground where he covered the body.

It was claimed that Johnson’s mom who returned later asked her child the whereabouts of his dad and was educated that the man was debilitated and had gone to see a specialist without referencing a specific center where he had gone to look for clinical consideration.

“We searched for him for three days, brushing all the medical clinics around. It was the point at which we neglected to find him that we cautioned the individuals from the Aji Neighborhood Watch Group, which thus alarmed the police. The police showed up on Friday morning close by individuals from the local watch and later found a shallow grave close to the compound where William was covered in a standing position.

“His head was broken while Johnson utilized another sharp item to puncture his stomach and different pieces of his body,” an individual from the family disclosed to The Nation

Johnson has been captured and is being confined at the Enugu Ezike Police Station.

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