After images of starving lion & other animals surfaced online, Kaduna zoo stops entries of journalist

The Management of Splash Park, the chiefs of the smaller than normal zoo in Kaduna has shut its doors, forestalling anybody including columnists from obtaining entrance into the zoo where photographs of a destitute lion which circulated around the web not many days prior were taken.

Day by day Trust revealed that their reporter was banned from getting to the smaller than expected zoo on the reason that the creatures were attempted routine treatment and that lone a letter from the state government will give writers access.

The Manager of the Zoo, Innocent Ameh apparently said the photos moving on the web were not from the zoo. Ameh further expressed that he was under exacting directions by the Kaduna State Ministry of Agriculture not to permit anybody gain passage into the zoo. He recognized seeing the photos of the destitute creatures on the web however hinted he had ignored it realizing the photos were not from the zoo.

The zoo administrator likewise affirmed that the standard treatment which will incorporate inoculations had initiated on Friday November 13 yet couldn’t unmistakably tell columnists when it will end.

Ameh said;

“Some untamed life specialists accompanied a letter from Abuja that they saw a few pictures and they needed to see the lion. We indicated them to affirm in view of their letter and it was in any event, taking care of time so we gave the lion goat and they stated: ‘heh web-based media.’ So this issue of web-based media, it was much the same as certain years back they said the lion killed somebody.

“It is typical for the creatures to be confined during routine treatment since they are being immunized, so it will be unsafe to permit individuals to approach them while this is going on.”

Anyway when Kaduna State Commissioner of Agriculture, Halima Lawal was reached, she exposed the case and furthermore said they can’t give such order as the zoo was a personal business and not possessed by the state government.

Laawal said;

“That zoo is for a concessionaire, it has been privatized and it isn’t controlled by the Kaduna State government. It is controlled by the private individual that they gave the zoo to who is liable for taking care of the creatures as a cash producing adventure.”

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